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Hello! My name is Rhonda Atha. I have lived in Carroll County, Maryland, my entire life. My career started as a hairdresser, then moved to working with rabbits, and later to kennel caretaker. I worked my way up to grooming, and was quickly promoted to assistant manager of the kennel. Not long after that, I moved on to become the manager of the grooming department. I have been grooming dogs for 17 years. Two of those years were done as an apprentice, under the manager that had been grooming for more then 30years. I take pride in providing an eco friendly, fun loving, and safe environment for your pets.

I have been an animal lover, since I was a child. I have owned and cared for many horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs. Dogs have been a must have in my lifestyle, no matter how easy or complicated life was at the time. Dogs have always made my life feel more complete!

I currently own 2 Golden Retrievers, 7 Yorkshire Terriers and 1 Pekingese . I have been breeding and raising Goldens and Yorkies for the past 12 years. They have brought many years of joy to my life!

My husband and I are "green" living people, which is how I came about developing my business. And everyday, we look for more and more ways to make our life "greener". I look forward to meeting you and your pets soon!

CPR Canine Certified 1996

Certified Pet Hygentist 1996